$60 Per Hour

Maria Belen

🇦🇷 Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Maria Belen and I'm a native Spanish speaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a Spanish and Philosophy professor, with a bachelor degree in Philosophy of the Culture and Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE certificate). I have 5 years of experience teaching at the university and high schools.

I have a lot of patience and flexibility to adapt the lessons to your needs and times. It doesn't matter if you never had taken a Spanish lesson before or if you know some Spanish and just want to practice your conversation skills.

If you are interested in learning Spanish for fun, to communicate with your family, for professional purposes or for travel, we will do a personalized itinerary for our lessons, focusing on your needs and interests.

It doesn't matter that you have no previous knowledge of Spanish, I'll start teaching you the Spanish basics to start speaking straight away. My lessons are focused in a conversational and cultural approach, for that I use presentations with pictures, songs, audios, youtube videos to learn different subjects and talk about them.

I'm a fluent English speaker and I also speak some Italian, so at the beginning we can communicate with the language of your choice. I also lived in Australia and Italy and I traveled around the world for one year and a half. So if your interest is to travel to a Spanish speaking country, we can talk a lot about travels in Spanish!

Hope to see you soon! ¡Hasta Pronto!

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