$60 Per Hour

Marina Ruiz

🇪🇸 Sevilla, Spain

I’m Marina! I am an education professional with a background in language teaching. I have experience working at schools, language academies as well as teaching online through different platforms.

I'm a Spanish native, as well as fluent in English. I have a career in education and I have worked and studied in England and Spain, where I have developed educational skills and different teaching methodologies. I have a degree in Pedagogy (Science of Education, Teaching and Learning methods) in Seville, Spain. I have also studied a BA Honors Education Studies degree at University in London.

I have taught people of different ages, backgrounds and levels. I love to help my students to improve their language skills, whatever their goals are, adapting myself to the student needs, interests and motivations. In the classes I will use engaging methods and materials adapted to the students preferred leaning style and the areas they need to improve.

(720) 772-6474  |  info@spanish.com

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