$60 Per Hour

Melisa Mayer

🇦🇷 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi! My name is Melisa and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’m a certified Spanish Teacher and I love teaching Spanish and share our culture.

My classes are adapted to your goals: improve your oral fluency, be able to communicate on your trips, have a job interview, or write an email correctly. Each class will be different.
In my classes I use the communicative method: it is based on communicative situations of everyday life (e.g. introduce yourself, ask for directions, tell about your last weekend), and it is defined what vocabulary and grammar are necessary to learn so that you can do it. This method is useful and effective.

The lessons will also be adapted to your interests and what you like (food, football, music, different social and cultural realities, etc.):

- Don't you like to do grammar exercises? Don't worry, you will learn only the grammar you need to communicate.

- Do you like to do typical grammar exercises and do homework? Don't worry, I will give you many exercises to complete and practice.

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Spanish with you and I will be waiting you for your trial lesson.

(720) 772-6474  |  info@spanish.com

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